The Goveranance contract is a special type of module that may optionally be attached to an IssuingEntity. It is used to add on-chain voting functionality for token holders. When attached, it adds a permissioning check before increasing authorized token supplies or adding new tokens.

SFT includes a very minimal proof of concept as a starting point for developing a governance contract. It can be combined with a checkpoint module to build whatever specific setup is required by an issuer.

It may be useful to view source code for the following contracts while reading this document:

  • Governance.sol: A minimal implementation of Goverance, intended for testing purposes or as a base for building a functional contract.
  • IGovernance.sol: The minimum contract interface required for a governance module to interact with an IssuingEntity contract.

Public Constants


The address of the associated IssuingEntity contract.

>>> governance.issuer()

Checking Permissions

The following methods must return true in order for the calling methods to execute.

Governance.addToken(address _token)

Called by IssuingEntity.addToken before associating a new token contract.

Governance.modifyAuthorizedSupply(address _token, uint256 _value)

Called by TokenBase.modifyAuthorizedSupply before modifying the authorized supply.